TriCalm | Catapulting brand preference

Getting noticed in a sea of competitors.


The makers of Tricalm invented a better way to soothe rashes and stings – without using steroids – which is super appealing to Moms. But how do you get Moms to notice you in a category with more than 30 competitors? Oh, and to make the challenge a little more complicated, at the last minute, Tricalm’s FDA superiority claim was delayed.


First, we designed a distinctive packaging system to breakthrough at shelf. Most packaging within the category is clinical and cluttered, so Tricalm’s packaging was designed to appeal to Moms, with a clean and soothing look.

Then we developed a three-pronged advertising strategy designed to build preference among Moms: use top-of-the-funnel awareness media (TV) to communicate product superiority - helping to address the FDA delay, use influencers to create trust, use lower-funnel tactics to drive traffic to the shelf.


Went from #36 to #7 in the category in 6 months