Topo Chico | Jumping to conclusions

Creating fervor for a product.


One day a box showed up at our door addressed to “The most creative person there.” Naturally, we all argued over who that might be for a while and when the dust settled, we asked, “What if this is Topo Chico looking for a new agency and this is the RFP?” Admittedly leaping to a conclusion, but it seemed reasonable and a nice excuse to create some interesting work for a category we hadn’t worked in before.

The next logical question and the challenge was: How do you capture the vibe of a brand that’s for all intents and purposes worshiped by millions?


Looking at the endorsements from people we found quotes like, “It’s a magical elixir” as well as a myriad “miracle hangover cures.” Combine this with an almost fanatical following and it got us to thinking that this is more like a religion than a product. The concept? If people worship Topo Chico, then we should give them a church. Enter Our Lady of Topo Chico a religion based around magical water. We created an online experience complete with worship services, a founder and an IRS submission to make it an official church. You can find it at and we encourage you to join us on Topo Tuesdays.


So far, we have about 50 members of the congregation. Admittedly, they are all from LSB, or our husbands, wives and significant others. Stay tuned to see results as we put this out to the world.