What happens when two brands become one.

The Situation

When two energy conservation consultancies decided to join forces, they needed a new brand identity to reflect their new mission. Our task was to create a new brand name and identity as Seventhwave and Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation became one. An identity that announced this new organization would lead the way to a clean energy future with breakthrough ideas.

The Solution

The new brand name and tagline: Slipstream | Breakthrough Energy Solutions
The combination of an evocative name and functional tagline articulates the idea of pushing through barriers to energy conservation. Slipstream is making it easy for others to follow. We created a logo and a dynamic color palette that gave energy to the brand, while defying the conventions typically seen in category. The graphic system was extended to an entire system of communication templates that provided a bold introduction at every intersection with the brand.

"Do you guys eat unicorn meat for breakfast?"


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