Seventhwave | Building internal and external brand alignment

Giving a brand a clear point-of-view.


The Energy Center of Wisconsin had a two-part problem. First, the name gave people the wrong impression about what the organization did, secondly, because as time went by, they were playing on a bigger national and international field, “Wisconsin” typecast them as a regional player.


We started with a deep dive into their business in a quest to find an emotional position for the brand. At its core, the brand was for people seeking energy information and solutions. This resulted the discovery of the Sage archetype which helped inform a brand promise: “Illuminating a path to progress.” With that as a strategic basis we developed a new name, “Seventhwave” and created a brand mantra, video, and a new logo and brand assets.


A unified brand that allowed them to compete nationally and energized the company around a position that better articulated what they did both internally and externally.