Rayovac | Getting more batteries into carts

Introducing millennials to a brand for the first time.


Consumers don’t know Rayovac. The brand hadn’t done any advertising in over a decade and in the meantime, a whole generation of consumers came of age without the brand on their radar screen. Sales were declining, and Rayovac needed to turn the brand around on a budget that was a fraction of their competitor’s.


We needed to introduce Millennials to the brand for the first time, but given the budget constraints, we couldn’t afford to be all things to all people (the way the competition could) so we found a way to be something to someone. We zeroed in on Moms, an underserved segment of consumers who use a lot of batteries. You see, Moms with small children tend of buy a LOT of toys, and those toys need a LOT of batteries. Given a category whose messaging tends toward the manly, this helped Rayovac stand out.

Our research revealed something stunning, although not surprising: Moms don’t think about batteries at all really, they just want them to work. This led to our campaign idea: The one thing that’s a sure thing.

Our goal was to reach Mom during her “me time” moments to promote the brand’s benefits, and then to remind her when she’s walking into the store. The campaign included national print, digital video, in-store activations, behaviorally targeted banners, influencer messaging and PR placements.


After our first campaign flight, we achieved an ROAS of $1 with a $240K in incremental sales. After our optimizations and iterations (over a year in the making), we achieved an ROAS of over $4 and a $1.8MM in incremental sales. Beyond just campaign results and ROI, YOY sales are up for Rayovac batteries in addition to increased share among competitors Duracell and Energizer – a combination of distribution, weather and marketing efforts.


As self-awarded mom experts, we focused on those moments where mom feels like nothing is going as it should be – rushing to make breakfast, cleaning up a spill, and the rush to get out the door in the morning. Moments that happen every day for mom. Our instincts about mom’s daily life proved to be true; our video was viewed through to completion 42.86% of time, exceeding our benchmark by 4X.

We also wanted to reach mom during her “me time” moments so we ran national print ads in her favorite magazines: People, Real Simple, HGTV, Cooking Light, Family Circle, Parents, etc.

But mom doesn’t always have a lot of “me time”. She’s constantly running to the store to grab one more thing. So, we targeted digital ads when she needed them most, walking into the store to do some last-minute shopping. And these banners worked. They exceeded our benchmark click-thru rates and increased purchase intent.


  • $4


  • $1.8MM