Rayovac | Helping consumers remember the forgettable

Putting emotion in an emotionless category.


When do people think about batteries? When they’re dead. Faced with this truth, how do you get people to pay attention?

To further complicate the challenge, our battery consumer is a millennial mom or dad with kids under the age of 10, with almost zero Rayovac brand awareness. This lack of awareness made people describe Rayovac batteries as “iffy” despite having superior performance.


When your batteries don’t work you hate them, so when they do work you should love them. This creative strategy allowed us to deliver a message of “longer-lasting,” (translation: superior performance) with meaningful emotion to our target consumer. The Love your Battery campaign is a celebration of all of the great moments that last a little longer because they’re powered by Rayovac Fusion batteries.

The graphic treatment (heart your battery) gave the campaign a simple identity and advertising and content showed moments that couldn’t happen without long-lasting batteries.