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The Situation

Quest Dehumidifiers established itself early in the legal cannabis industry through grassroots sales efforts. But as more cultivators entered the space and more states legalized cannabis, competition quickly increased and endangered market share. Under threat, Quest leaders needed to establish the brand as credible and professional, attributes competitors lacked. They also needed cultivators to turn to Quest for unmatched environmental control knowledge, as education about how dehumidification can protect cannabis crops was a key inroad for sales.

The Solution

After researching the needs of Quest’s customers, we started with a total rebrand, giving Quest a professional, clean look. Now, the brand did more than just build the BMW of dehumidifiers, they also had the look to match. With a new brand identity and website in place, we launched the Cleaner Cannabis campaign. Our mix of PR, content and thought leadership allowed us to build Quest’s credibility through thoughtful, in-depth information that answered the biggest questions on the minds of our target audience. The result was an 87 percent increase in share of voice, record-setting website traffic, unmatched levels of media placements and two of the company’s best sales years.

"The results speak for themselves. Rarely can I visit a customer without hearing how much they love our new identity. We highly recommend the team at LSB."

Clif Tomasini, Business Manager, Quest

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