Milwaukee Academy of Science | Opening wallets for a nonprofit school

Telling the success story of an urban school.


Milwaukee Academy of Science is a K4-12 charter school whose mission is to educate urban Milwaukee children in STEM and to prepare them to graduate and compete successfully at the post-secondary level. They’ve been so successful that grants that were given for underperforming schools had ended because Milwaukee Academy of Science began outperforming even the top private schools in Milwaukee. The result of this success was losing $300,000 in grant money. Yep, we know, it’s dumb. Being a victim of their own success they needed help funding the shortfall.


When you visit Milwaukee Academy of Science, you’re struck by how different their approach is. They’ve created an environment that clearly makes kids love learning. And that environment has produced some astounding results. Sometimes the best way to get people to open their wallets is to simply tell a good story, and who better to tell what they are all about than the CEO of the school, Anthony McHenry?


Video storytelling allowed us to deliver astounding facts about the school by combining them with the emotion that a visit to the school produces. Delivered to potential donors it’s raising awareness and opening wallets.