Marshfield Clinic | Turning around demand to drive more unique patient visits

Changing the conversation from sickness to health.


Marshfield Clinic is one of the largest independent healthcare clinics in the United States. Our work with a clinical psychologist helped us find a deep insight: people feel "shame" when they aren't completely well. It made us realize talking about illness only brings up bad feelings spurred us to change the conversation from talking about sickness to telling stories about what good health allows you to do.


We expressed it in an organizing idea – Don't just live. Shine. This organizing idea helped us tell the story in many different ways to many different audiences. We knew we hit a home run when people started asking Marshfield doctors how they could "shine".


A change from a downward trend in unique patients to a positive upturn.

Giving people small things they can do to improve their health can change habits that are very hard to change. We found an interesting piece of persuasive data about smoking: Give up smoking and in just two weeks breathing will be easier, and told it in an interesting and humorous way.


We found that when people have something wrong and then recover, it's often the people around them that notice the change. This story is about a guy who has regrown cartilage transplanted in his knee. The neighbors take notice.