Kindred Creamery

Taking a B2B brand to the consumer.

The Situation

Wisconsin’s Meister Cheese has historically been 100% B2B. Our challenge was to create and launch a new consumer version of the brand. There was one thing we knew would connect with consumers: Meister’s belief in the humane treatment of animals. They allow the cows to graze in fields rather than confined in stalls, don’t allow cropping of tails and have an overall policy of the fair treatment of animals. With this in mind, we set out to create a consumer brand.

The Solution

After a deep dive with the client, we created a brand profile and positioning around the innocent archetype. This led and guided the rest of the branding effort from the name — Kindred Creamery — to the brand design, packaging, and website. It’s all designed to serve as a reminder that we can be kind to cows and enjoy quality cheeses.

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