ImageMover | New, compelling brand logo

Crafting a new image for a startup.


ImageMover developed software that allows medical images to be moved seamlessly between devices from smartphones to desktop screen vastly simplifying workflow and avoiding issues other systems have with HIPAA legislation. They needed an identity that was as modern and reflected their product its benefits. And because of a new unveiling of products at a trade show, they needed it fast.


We start every rebrand with a sorting exercise. This helps us align with our clients and find common ground, which was especially important with their timeline. Considering the health care and tech space, simple, modern logos that elicit a startup culture made sense. The brand name and products are all about moving images from one place to another, so creating a sense of movement and transformation in the mark was important. We used a circular shape and color gradients to evoke movement and conversion. The same typeface from their original logo was used to make easier and less expensive to adopt it within the company in a short amount of time


Finished logo was completed quickly and efficiently with much praise from our client.