Cultivation Air

Defining a family of brands + a new brand look.

The Situation

When our longstanding dehumidifier client Quest branched out into the HVAC space, they couldn’t (for legal reasons) take their name and its brand equity with them. They came to LSB for help creating an organizational structure for Quest in relation to its new HVAC brand, Cultivation Air.

The Solution

The LSB team helped identify what unites and is distinct about Quest’s family of brands — the gardening brand and the HVAC brand, both of which speak directly to cannabis cultivators, and the Quest commercial brand, which speaks to all manner of professionals in need of dehumidification. Once the brand promise was identified, the hierarchy for the family of brands was defined, we crafted the visual identity and look for Cultivation Air. Because the new brand is endorsed by the Quest brand, it needed to have some nods to its parent brand.

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