Repositioning a corporate identity.

The Situation

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation came to LSB as an organization in transition. In 2018, this nonprofit, business-to-business enterprise made the decision to divest some of its business. As part of this restructure, they renamed the organization “Ascendium.” With a new name and brand portfolio that needed meaningful structure, the team at LSB was tasked with establishing a brand positioning, architecture and identity that would completely reposition and rebrand.

The Solution

In addition to combing through existing background and evaluating competitor positioning, we conducted interviews with key board and staff members to identify useful insights. Next we had to determine how the new corporate brand was going to align with other, existing brands in the portfolio to ensure the hierarchy aligned both strategically and logically. From a design perspective, the first order of business was to translate the new name and positioning into a visual identity. We moved the logo to a more contemporary look and developed a subtle icon dubbed “the rocket” to accent the word mark and support the idea that the brand exists to help people rise to new heights.