When simplicity is the message.

The Situation

Accurex engineers and manufactures ventilation systems for commercial kitchens. The buying and installation process is complicated, with multiple targets entering the purchase funnel at different points with a different needs. In addition, more established competitors were dominating the category.
The challenge? Find a compelling position relevant to all the targets which also put the competition on their back foot.

The Solution

A Jumpstart Day with Accurex senior management dove into the problem and helped us grasp the complexity of their business. From this we eventually came to a brand position that challenged the competitive status quo. The solution: We had to make it simple. This led to a compelling position for the company, “championing simplicity.” We created a launch video to introduce the new position to the organization. We believed that if the brand was to stand for simplicity, the meta-message and design systems had to echo that same feeling. To get buy-in, we created a launch video to introduce the new position to the entire organization. It received a standing ovation. The video was accomplished by the introduction of a redesigned identity system that modernized and simplified the brand. A new website with a UX/CX that was simple and direct. Advertising that was simple and uncluttered. Now, Accurex is a standout in its category.

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