Start with the
Business Problem

A lean team of strategists, artists and digital natives start with the business problem. With that in the center of the table, everything is aimed at the goal: Market share? Volume? Distribution? Brand equity? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

  1. 1   Brand Discovery

    • Brand & Business Deep Dive

      Gain a deep understanding of the current
      brand situation and business issues

    • Brand Archetype Survey

      Uncovers the brand’s emotional benefit and
      codifies it within the Archetype framework

    • Jumpstart Workshop

      Working session with marketers to tap into
      client’s insights regarding Target, Product
      Benefits, Brand Equities, and to foster
      alignment behind common themes

    • Consumer Research

      Research can take many forms depending on
      the brand and business issues.
      However, we often use a clinical psychologist
      to go deeper than any focus group can

  2. 2   Brand Platform Development

    • Brand Purpose

      Not WHAT you do, but WHY you do it.
      Comprised of belief statement or POV
      about the world and your purpose statement

    • Brand Archetype

      Defines the universal human
      motivation of the brand

    • Positioning

      Stakes out the brand’s consumer and category,
      emotional benefit and reasons to believe

    • Personality

      Defines the personality and
      attitude of the brand

    • Promise

      The high-level emotional
      brand benefit

  3. 3   Creative Strategy

    • Consumer P2P Journey

      The consumer path to purchase, determines
      consumer pain points and points of joy to
      be addressed in communications

    • Organizing Idea

      The media-agnostic central
      creative idea

    • Creative Brief

      Synthesizes the Brand Profile elements,
      consumer insight and business problem into
      an actionable creative briefing document

    • Insight Mining

      Proprietary research processes to uncover
      leveragable consumer insights

  4. 4   Content Development

    • Analyze

      Analyze content effectiveness
      and report regularily

    • Produce

      Concept and produce
      brand-centric content

  5. 5   Optimization

    • Optimize content

      Content and media plan