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What brands Need to Do to Make the Switch to Timeline

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Laura Kivlighan

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By now, we have all heard that Facebook is forcing all brand pages to use the new Timeline format by March 30th.  Since the deadline is quickly approaching, what do we really NEED to do to make the change seamless?

Below are some highlights. For the full story download our whitepaper.

First things first, there are no more landing pages to prompt users to “Like” your brand.  Therefore, it is important you use the real estate you have to the fullest.  There is a new space called the cover photo. You will want to use the cover photo to put your best foot forward and show just how cool your brand really is.  You can use branded images, pictures that play off your profile photo or pictures that are somehow related to your brand.  It’s really up to you but the following are off limits in your cover photo: call to action wording, promotions, contact info or “like us” promos.

Your Profile Picture needs to be re-sized to 180×180 pixels.  This image will also be the thumbnail next to all your posts so make sure it scales well to 32×32 pixels and is a recognizable brand image or logo.

If you want your brand page to “just fit in” once the switch hits, then the above two changes are fine.  If you want to stand out among brand pages keep reading…

Milestones are now available to create a storied history of your company’s evolution.  Add the date the company was founded, important dates in history (if relevant to your company), the date you reached 1M fans or other cool stuff your company has done.  It is important to include pictures in your Milestones but don’t overcrowd this space with useless information;  quality over quantity.





Pinned and Starred posts allow you to bring more attention to certain posts. Pinned posts will remain in the top posted position for seven days.  This is a great place to prompt action –”like us” or “enter contest to win”.  Starred posts will not remain at the top of your posts but will expand the whole width of your page, not just one column.  Starred posts will highlight certain posts and make it easy for users to find that story when scrolling. Posting pictures generates two times more engagement among users and now pictures are larger in size –use themHighlight your big stories using these new tactics!



Applications will now appear under your cover photo and each will have the ability to show a custom image measuring 111×74 pixels.  You can have up to 12 applications but only your top four application tabs will show. The Photos application will never move from the #1 position so you really only have 3 tries to lure in users to your content.  Change the other three application tabs to put your best foot forward in the top 4 locations.  Applications can now also take advantage of a larger page width; Narrow (520 pixels) or Wide (820 pixels).








Premium Ad offerings run at a premium price; costing companies $50k a month.  If that’s not in your budget, don’t worry, you will still have opportunities to run FB Offers (coupon type ads – start date/pricing not released yet) and regular old market place ads.  Premium ads also have no current metrics for the measurement of success – we will wait and see what type of ROI they produce for these larger companies.


Laura Kivlighan

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