LSB selected as strategy and creative partner for UAS Labs UP4

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LSB Selected as Strategy and Creative Partner for UAS Labs UP4

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Amy Rohn

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October 5, 2016 (Madison, WI) – UAS LifeSciences, one of the leading manufacturers of probiotic supplements, has selected Lindsay, Stone & Briggs (LSB) as its strategic and creative agency to support growth of their UP4 line of probiotics.

Founded in 1979, UAS LifeSciences delivers the highest quality, science-backed probiotics to the marketplace in both wellness and conventional channels. The Madison, Wisconsin-based company chose LSB because of its holistic approach to paid and earned marketing and its ability to create highly targeted and comprehensive advertising and public relations campaigns.

“UP4 has a unique opportunity to increase its visibility in the marketplace, especially as they launch into new channels, which makes it an exciting brand to work on,” said Marsha Lindsay, chair and chief growth strategist of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs. “Our strategic approach and integrated execution will help get them the recognition they deserve and assist them in becoming the go-to probiotic brand.”

A combination of targeted media buys, in-store mobile advertisements and public relations will help UP4 improve its position in the market and drive trial. The public relations efforts will complement ads, providing greater context and insight into the UP4 brand and product.

“LSB is playing a vital role in positioning UP4 as a leader in the probiotic space,” said Stephanie Udell, director of marketing at UP4. “They have already proven to be an indispensable resource in educating and our consumers with a smart and strategic mix of tactics. We’re looking forward to a great partnership.”

Amy Rohn

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