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Agency Convinced its Topo Chico Online Church Will Attract “Waves” of New Biz

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Agency convinced its Topo Chico online church will attract “waves” of new biz
Execs not buying that brand’s gift was simply a direct mail piece

MADISON, Wisconsin – A Wisconsin-based ad agency has started a new religion in a last-ditch effort to garner attention from the suits at Topo Chico.

What started as a seemingly harmless attempt to do something fun with a box of Topo Chico shipped to an unknown number of creatives throughout the U.S., quickly turned to obsession at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs.

“This is clearly a calling,” said Keith, director of finance and consumer strategic insights. “Let’s turn this water into billable time.”

Following a long night of testing Topo’s mystical mixing capabilities, with everything from moonshine to MadDog 20/20, the vision took shape, according to a roughly pieced together Snapchat story the next day. Following a drunken domain purchase and a speedy IRS form submission, Our Lady of Topo Chico was born.

“Look, Topo Chico already has a loyal following so this just felt … right, you know?” Keith said. “We simply want to help spread the talk of Topo to those who need some good vibes in their lives.”

The move initially caused a stir among agency rank and file, causing two account supervisors to go as far as asking: “Ummm, hate to play devil’s advocate, but what’s the strategy, here?” A taste of Topo promptly led to their loyalty.

Unfortunately, all that “Build it and they will come” crap hasn’t panned out to date.

“Yeah, apparently tiny online churches don’t show up on Google Street View, so we’re going to kick things off with Topo Tuesday next week,” said Susan Jankowski, head of experiential marketing. “If you’re feeling lost – or just trying to look busy at work – stop by for a virtual happy hour.”

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