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LSB Marketing Toddcast: VR for Marketing Nerds

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On this episode we’re exploring virtual reality, also known as VR, with our agency marketing manager, Sherry Shaffer.

Sherry works with a startup VR content company in her spare time. Today, she  chats with Todd LaBeau about VR and VR for marketing, what it’s about and how brands can meaningfully integrate the technology into their campaigns.

What you’ll find in the episode…

What is VR?

As opposed to augmented reality—think Pokémon Go—where you can see and hear your surroundings, VR is a deprivation and replacement of senses.

VR tricks your brain into believing that you’re in the midst of whatever the creators constructed for you, whether that be under the sea or up in space.

So is this the thing with the goggles?

Yes. To experience VR, users wear a headset and headphones to eliminate peripheral vision and outside sound. The headset and headphones replace the removed senses with a virtual experience.

Who is VR meant for?

VR is for everyone, even those of us who aren’t gamers. VR controls are simple and there’s no need for fine motor skills or serious hand eye coordination.

Entertainment, Exploration, Education

VR promotes entertainment, exploration and education by allowing users to embody what they could not otherwise. Whether it be dancing at a concert or observing the surface of Mars, VR creates opportunities for users to relax, increase global awareness and learn.

How does VR matter for a brand?

It’s difficult to prove the value of VR for marketing without demonstration, but luckily rapid innovation allows VR to be more accessible than ever before.

VR enables users to participate and create instant emotional connections, which are powerful persuasive tools.

3 things to know about VR

  1. Get ready. You’re going to want more and it’s an expense that you hope pays off – it does.
  2. Upgrade. There are always better systems out there so you will want to upgrade.
  3. It’s personal. Not every experience is going to be for you. Understand and know what you can handle so you don’t push yourself too far (i.e. If you’re prone to motion sickness, you may not enjoy the giant rollercoaster).

What’s next?

It’s difficult to predict exactly where VR and VR for marketing is headed because the technology is evolving so quickly. The challenge for brands will be deciding how they will use this dynamic tool to create memorable content in the marketplace.



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