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Technology is a Tool not a Talisman

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It’s easy to get excited about all the new technology available.  I wish I could count the number of times I’ve heard “WOW, we can do that?”  And the new analytics!  Who knew?  But, too often what gets lost in the techno thrill is “¦ people.
When we start with technology it’s like starting with a hammer – everything looks like a nail.  We need to begin with people and with what we want to have happen. So, before we jump into monitoring thousands of blogs, forums, videos and Tweets we need to ask, why? That is, what attitudes and behaviors would we as marketers like to inspire people to take with regard to our brand and how does this info inform us to achieve that, or tell us how we’re doing in accomplishing our goals?  Without this strategic context, how will we distinguish between information and insights?  Technology is a tool, not a talisman.