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Storytelling from LSB and Briggs & Stratton – Robin’s Story

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Peoria, Illinois, has high crime rates, low employment and older housing stock.

But Robin Berry saw a need in her community she could help meet.

Drive through the streets of Peoria’s Southside, and you’ll see the orange code violation stickers dotting homes. These stickers mean fines loom for failure to maintain their property. Sometimes that means failing to cut the grass.

The real problem, as Robin saw it: The residents often didn’t have the equipment they needed for upkeep. She decided to do something about it, and founded a free tool library for her community.

“Change starts with us,” Robin said.

As part of Briggs & Stratton’s You.Powered. initiative, LSB is helping tell the stories of people like Robin who are doing inspiring, powerful work in their communities.

We started with Rodney. Now we’re helping share the story of how Robin and Southside Community United for Change brings hope—and real help—to Peoria’s Southside community.