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Snapchat Search Bar: What You Need to Know

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Emily Poklar

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Snapchat made searching easier with their latest update (which finally came to iOS last week). With the new Snapchat search function, users can effortlessly add new friends, start a group chat and discover brands on every screen.

Brands should expect discoverability to only get easier as Snapchat search continues to develop.

Snapchat’s new search bar isn’t anything revolutionary—it functions like any search bar. The results are divided into sections: Quick Chat, Groups, New Friends, Quick Add and Contacts.

Users can even search for publishers and subscribe to see their content in Discover. Available on all screens of the app, users no longer need to swipe to start a chat, film a video or find the Discover page.

This new functionality appears to be a significant move towards making the app more user-friendly and profitable for brands.