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Snapchat Advertising for Brands: To Snap or Not to Snap?

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We all know Snapchat. Take a picture or video (cat in a monkey suit eating a banana, statue of nude Donald Trump, obligatory lying on the beach, etc.). Add some clever text or a funny emoji. Then send it to a friend or post it to your personal story. Oh, and everything disappears in a matter of seconds to every day.

So, that’s it?

Well, it used to be, but like every other social channel, Snapchat has evolved and added a multitude of pay-to-play features ranging from live branded “Stories” (brands trying to gain awareness of a product launch or campaign) to Geofilters (adding a photo/video filter to a snap based on a user’s location). So with all the new advertising features available, what’s a brand to do?

Is Snapchat advertising for brands really worth it? Maybe.

Wait, can my brand advertise on Snapchat now?

Yep. But before you jump right in, you should know the different ways you can put your brand in front of Snapchat’s audience of 150 million users and how much it’s going to cost you. Spoiler alert: it’s still kinda pricey.

Snapchat advertising for Brands

What you need to consider-

Is your audience really on Snapchat?

We hate to ask, but are Millennials and/or Gen Z your target audience? According to Snapchat, about 41 percent of 18 to 34 year olds are using the platform and about 23 percent have not graduated from high school. Snapchat marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach those age groups. But if they’re not your target audience, you might be wasting your time creating content for a channel where your audience doesn’t spend their time.


Do you have the budget?

To get your ad in front of a decent amount of people, you need to spend some serious dough (see above). If you are a large brand with a larger budget you may be successful with your ads. Gatorade scored big with their sponsored lens at the Super Bowl. The ad, which allows people to dunk themselves with a Gatorade container over their selfie, was viewed more than 100 million times.


Shock Top cut down their 30-second Super Bowl TV commercial to 10 seconds and made it vertical for Snapchat. Among Millennial consumers, brand awareness grew 15 points and purchase intent rose to 22 percent. The brand’s 90-second spot, viewed by those who “swiped up,” grew purchase intent by 40 percent. However, with the 30-second TV spot costing a pretty penny ($5 million to be exact, reaching approximately 100 million viewers) testing out the ad on Snapchat would be a much cheaper option, although not seen by as many …


What is your goal?

Do you want to make sure that your audience is seeing your ad? If so, Snapchat advertising may not be for you. Since there are no advanced targeting options like there are for Facebook, there isn’t a way to guarantee that your ad is getting to the right people. Snapchat analytics are also not as solid as there are no native brand tools for measuring data… yet.


Bottom line?

If your audience is on Snapchat, then go for it. Take a risk, but start small. If they aren’t there, don’t bother. Don’t spend the money and the time on a platform that won’t further your goals. Unless you really just want to turn your head into a giant talking watermelon – then go for it. But make sure to share it with us so we can see your awesome melon-head, too.

Have questions or need help setting up your next Snapchat ad campaign? We are here to help. Contact us.


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