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PR Placement

If you land a PR placement but nobody sees it, did it really happen?


The increase of digital media, coupled with their printed counterparts, means there are scads of ways to get your news covered. A positive PR placement — whether it’s a quote in a news article or a bylined thought leadership piece — helps you build credibility, earn the trust of the consumer and grow your business.

But, none of that will happen if your target doesn’t see the PR placement. Which is happening more and more.

Wait, what?

The increase in news media, all of which are clamoring for quality content and then pushing that content out through their social channels at incredible speeds, only leads to increased competition. So now, not only are you competing to get your content in these outlets, you also are competing for eyeballs once you’ve actually LANDED that hit.

So, how do you make sure your earned media hits the mark? There are few key ways. Read on to learn more.

Social Promotion.

There are few things in social media that just organically “go viral.” More often than not, a share-worthy video, article or infographic begins with a little help in the form of a boosted post.

The beauty of this type of social amplification is the control you have over targeting capabilities. When boosting a post, you’ll be able to hone in on things like gender, age, location and interests to ensure your post is served up to the right folks. And, because of this highly targeted capability, you won’t be throwing boatloads of money at it to make it effective.

Here’s a simple example of how to make this happen in Facebook:

  • Click “Boost Post” button at the bottom of the post
  • Select audience. Depending on who you want to target you can select:
    • People who like your page
    • People who like your page and their friends (more reach and social referral benefit – “Sarah Smith likes this”)
    • Create a new audience and target by gender, age, location and interests.
  • Select budget and duration
    • Depending on audience size this will range. Test smaller amounts and track results to understand what you can expect behind certain dollar amounts.
  • Double check the correct billing account is linked
  • Boost!

Two things to note:

  • If your Instagram account is hooked up with Facebook, boosted posts will default to include Instagram in your promotion. If don’t want to include Instagram, un-check the box
  • Once boosted you can’t edit post copy

Influencer relations amplification.

Enlist your influencers to join you in social promotion support. In your contracts with them, include verbiage about the possibility of providing them extra dollars to put behind boosted posts. Also include that you will provide suggested parameters for target demographics they should select when boosting the post.

Not only will this help you get in front of your target via a credible third party source, it’s also a benefit to them: You’re assisting them in getting in front of a broader, but still relevant, target audience they otherwise would likely not have access to.

Content Strategy.

Great content is the foundation of powerful PR. A multi-pronged content strategy is even more powerful. By that I mean work with your PR, creative and digital teams to create a content theme or concept that can be developed across multiple platforms – from a microsite, to social to traditional media outreach to even working with a media company for sponsored content.

Chase your PR placement.

After a solid PR placement – one that lands you in say, the New York Times, work with your digital team to identify the search terms people may use to find your product. Optimize your paid search strategy in real-time to increase the likelihood of people landing on your page when searching for those relevant terms.

In an ever-evolving PR landscape, you’ll need to adapt to survive. That means adopting the tools that are now available to you to make sure your good coverage is getting the recognition it deserves. These are just a few ways to do just that. We’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeves, so drop us a line if you’ve got questions.



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