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Hey! That Baby Just killed my Organic Facebook Reach!

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Laura Kivlighan

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Hey! That baby killed my organic Facebook reach!

Three ways to maintain a successful presence in the midst of organic Facebook reach demise

Babies, cats, weddings, vacations and more babies! It’s hard to keep up with the life events of our 155 Facebook friends (on average). And in a society with increasing FOMO something had to change.

Cue Facebook’s latest announcement: the newsfeed algorithm will now prioritize posts from your friends and family.

But wait, what about my brand?

Organic reach has been falling since 2013 with the most recent stats showing it’s down 42% since January 2016. Facebook’s algorithm update is projected to drop organic reach even further.

Here are three ways your brand can remain relevant in a sea of babies, cats and weddings:


Take your current social content and kick it up a notch. Make content that matters, in formats that matter, like video. With the total number of Facebook posts on the rise, your brand has to work that much harder to stand out.

Your content needs to be funny, relevant and/or interesting enough for consumers to share—and sharing is how you achieve organic Facebook reach. Strive for the share (and no more inspirational quotes with your logo on them, please).


Facebook is a pay-to-play platform. Period. If you haven’t been boosting any of your content, it’s imperative you start. Great content is nothing if no one sees it. A few tips to get you going:

  • Speak in an authentic voice and give users content they want to see. Avoid overly promotional content.
  • Use dark posts to test different variations. Use a small amount of money to test multiple post variations. Once you get the results, post to your page and add additional funds. This is a great way to show skeptical CEOs that you actually know which content consumers prefer.
  • Report on your results. Use FB Audience Insights to learn more about those clicking on your ads. The more you can track and prove results the more leverage you have to ask for more advertising dollars.

    3. TARGET

Utilize Facebook’s deep targeting capabilities to get your content in front of people who care. You spend a lot of money creating content and the right consumers deserve to see it.

While targeting is key in paid promotion, it’s also available on every post you publish. Target by location, age, gender or interests to increase the likelihood that the right people will consume and share your content.

Organic Facebook reach is quickly fading and will continue to do so. Will your brand have what it takes to stay relevant?





Laura Kivlighan

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