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Now Hiring: Creative Technologist

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Bill Winchester

Has actually won a bagpiping contest.

Creative_TechnologistIn advertising we’ve often mistaken creative technologist for someone who designs websites and also doesn’t mind doing a little coding. Or a writer who can fix your computer. But the real job description is something that is so much more. The confluence of unfettered creativity and the technology to make it happen is rare. The two things seem to live at odds in most people’s brains and being good at one (like coding) often is at the expense of the other (like kinetic movement). Ask most art directors about algebra and you’ll get the idea.

I was surfing and I ran across this and it totally captured my attention. And while I’m not a big fan of America’s Got Talent this is a good example of why, as a creative person you have to keep your eyes and mind open to everything. You just never know when or where something is going to appear.

The woman who created this was a dancer and also into programming (this is the rarity that I’m talking about) created this and it’s a great example of what is meant by a creative technologist. Truly something different.

The million dollar question is, can an advertising agency hire someone like this and keep them engaged? I’d like to try, so if you’re out there we’re looking send me your stuff.