Marketing doesn’t end at the purchase

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Tom Kuplic

Now What?This is the season for long-term thinking. Finalizing marketing plans, getting budgets squared away, and looking at new strategic plans. Everybody is looking forward to moving ahead, increasing sales, improving on last year’s numbers as markets continue to improve.

Odds are that most marketers are doing a great job of mapping out the strategy to get more people to consider a purchase. This recent study/article in the Harvard Business Review points out a major area of marketing strategy that is getting left out of the discussion: Post-purchase marketing.

We talked a little about having a back-up plan for success and heard from Steve Goldbach from Monitor Group on having a fully integrated marketing strategy. Fully integrated doesn’t just mean up to the point of purchase.  As Steve pointed out there’s still more work to be done after the purchase.  If getting people to buy is the only measure for success, then we need to lengthen our thinking and create a back-up plan for success.

Are we helping direct customers to product review sites? Are we collecting breadcrumbs along the way to give customers meaningful information after they buy? Are we empowering our biggest fans to tell others about our service or product? Are we using things like a surprise upgrade to make delivery and receiving the product even better?

The purchase funnel is only an apt metaphor to the point of sale. What are we doing to turn it into a mega-phone of word of mouth?