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Mapping the Virtual Space to Enrich Conversations

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Tom Kuplic

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What we learned from Anssi Vanjoki at Brandworks 2010

At Brandworks 2010, we had the distinct pleasure to hear from Anssi Vanjoki, EVP of Mobile Solutions from Nokia about how his company was seizing mobile technology’s amazing advantages to help people “live in the media.”
Living in the media is not a buzzword; it is an accurate description for what is happening right now and what will continue to happen.

Two facts that Anssi shared with us stand out:

  • Over 5 Billion people worldwide are using cell phones today.
  • Telecommunications companies have access to increased bandwidth that was not available even a few years ago.

These two facts alone are already leading to major changes in how people use mobile technology and will have implications for how marketers think about mobile.

Smart phone use is on the rise and as technology becomes cheaper, we will not be using mobile just as vehicles for voice and text-based communication. We will be using it for life. The internet will be everywhere we go, the things we see and places we go will be complemented by a virtual space that is easier to access, and that meets our needs exactly when and where those needs occur.
The project of building this virtual space is a huge task, and Vanjoki shared how Nokia is crowdsourcing thousands of Nokia users to map the coordinates of this complementary virtual space. As this virtual space becomes more coordinated with our physical space, and the information becomes more valuable and helpful, we will be seeing a boom in mobile technology’s impact on our lives.

The key to what kind of impact marketers will have on customers in this new virtual space made possible through mobile is the kind of communication we engage in with our customers.

In the past as Anssi Vanjoki pointed out, marketers were obliged by the available technology to engage in one-way, asynchronous communication. The way forward for Vanjoki is synchronous communication, otherwise known as conversation.

The key for marketers is how we start these conversations; how we make sure we are inviting the right people to take part; and how we facilitate and nurture those conversations to benefit customers’ lives and help our companies grow.

Tom Kuplic

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