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LSB names Leanne Johnson Vice President of Digital Strategy

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Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has promoted Leanne Johnson to Vice President of Digital Strategy.

Specializing in digital strategy development, Johnson’s ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and traditional media has proven invaluable for clients working to weave an effective narrative across multiple media channels.

During her seven years at LSB, Johnson has pushed the agency’s digital strategy capabilities forward. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing consumer journey mapping and channel planning processes that allow LSB to better understand consumer media touchpoints, motivations, behaviors and measurement across channels.

“Leanne’s strategic leadership and understanding of the digital media landscape has truly transformed LSB. She’s been the force behind connecting our understanding of the consumer path-to-purchase with media strategies that repeatedly deliver meaningful business results for our clients,” said Todd LaBeau, Senior Vice President, Media and Analytics.


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