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LSB and Marshfield Clinic Win CLIO Award

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NOVEMBER 20, 2012, MADISON, WIS – Madison ad agency Lindsay, Stone & Briggs was awarded a CLIO for Marshfield Clinic healthcare advertising. The CLIO Healthcare Awards were held last Tuesday in New York City where LSB was honored for creativity in advertising for their “How to Shine” TV campaign. The CLIO Healthcare Awards is an extension of The CLIO Awards, one of the world’s most recognized awards competitions for advertising, design and communications.

The “How to Shine” campaign for Marshfield Clinic told stories that were undeniably relatable to the folks of Wisconsin. Told from the first person, and using humor to show empathy and avoid chiding, the ads depicted people who were living an unhealthy lifestyle while acknowledging the personal battles they face every day. In the end, viewers were left with a piece of sage advice –a small thing they could do that would actually make an impact in a short time.

“We’re very proud of this campaign because it’s the opposite of what we’ve seen in other healthcare advertising: smiling doctors, superlatives about the number of procedures conducted or the shiny new state of the art imaging machinery. Swap one hospital logo out for another and you wouldn’t know the difference,” said LSB Creative Director Bill Winchester. “We set out to do something different. To set Marshfield Clinic up as the clinic that cares about keeping you and your family well, not just taking care of you when you’re sick. We wanted to provide the tools and knowledge to empower consumers to make healthy lifestyle changes.” To view the four commercials in the campaign visit the LSB YouTube channel: Security Guard | Basketball | Former Smoker | Beauty Queen

This is Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ first CLIO award.


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