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Marsha Lindsay and Kim Sponem Talk to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel About the Need for Female Board Directors

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(Photo: Andy Manis / For Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

In the June 18 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Marsha Lindsay, chair and chief strategist of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs and Kim Sponem, CEO of Summit Credit Union are interviewed about their research on the current lack of women on company boards and the positive impacts gained by actively searching out and including female board directors in the future.

In the article, Wisconsin’s female CEOs want boards of directors to include more women, Lindsay and Sponem outline some of the myths and truths they uncovered about women and corporate boards.


“That most corporate boards lack gender diversity isn’t in question. Females account for about 16% of board members nationally, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. That’s up from 8% in 1997, but still a slow evolution, Lindsay and Sponem say.”

“One reason for the turtle-paced progress on board gender diversity is that some boards aren’t aware of or don’t contact organizations that keep databases of women who are qualified and interested in joining a corporate director panel…”

“While the immediate goal is to diversify boards, the result can be an improved company, Sponem and Lindsay assert. They cite studies that indicate better financial performance by companies that have gender-diverse boards and leadership.”

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