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A gracious approach to direct response for Kohler Co.

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The walk-in bathtub category is crowded with sales messages that are, we think it’s fair to say, on the aggressive side of marketing. They often use fear to drive direct response.

Who doesn’t remember the old spot: “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

But KOHLER® doesn’t talk that way.

KOHLER is all about gracious living.

That’s true whether you’re talking about an artfully designed faucet or a walk-in bathtub that will help people stay in their own homes longer as they age.

LSB worked with KOHLER to create this video, used both on a microsite and as part of the walk-in bath sales presentation. Our challenge: to demonstrate the product and how it’s used while at the same time illustrating that this walk-in bath provides everything the KOHLER brand stands for.