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Instagram Algorithm Messing With Your Mojo?

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Instagram5We’ve seen them. We’re sure you’ve seen them, too. All these posts on Instagram with handy-dandy little tutorials on how to subscribe to posts.

And look, we get it. You put a lot of time into Instagramming. You graduated from photos of your breakfast or photos of your cat “¦ to artful photos of your cat. To well-lit photos of your breakfast.

So now that mean ole Zuckerberg is changing the way Instagram works, you’re thinking, “How do I work around this algorithm? What if my people miss one of my posts?”

Well, we can see how it’s tempting to tell people to turn on notifications. But we’ve seen this thing before. It happened awhile back, in what we like to refer to as the Great Facebook Panic of 2014. And people tried to convince their followers to subscribe to notifications.

But see, here’s the thing: Not only is it kind of beggy and lame to ask for people to turn on notifications for everything you post, but it’s also just not going to work in the long run. It’s a bad strategy.

But can we talk again how it’s kind of beggy and lame? Yeah, that’s a problem.

So how about you do this instead: Make awesome stuff.

Make stuff that matters. Make stuff that matters to your audience. Stuff that connects. Stuff that entertains. Stuff that’s useful, or that’s funny.

Easier said than done? Maybe. But if it was easy “¦ say, as easy as creating a post telling people to turn on notifications “¦ well, then, everyone would do it.


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