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How to Optimize Your Facebook Dark Posts

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Ellie Pierce

Can execute figurative cartwheels, just not the literal kind. #NopeForever

Want to publish the best possible Facebook posts to your page?

Looking for a way to evaluate which versions of your posts perform best?

Facebook dark posts allow you to run and test content without posting that content to your page’s timeline.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use dark post ads to optimize your Facebook content.

#1: Choose a Content Variable to Test

Arguably, the most important part of a successful social media test is to carefully identify and isolate the exact variable you want to test.

Although anyone can look at Facebook Insights to see which posts succeeded, the challenge is determining whether one post succeeded over another because of the image, the post copy, or even the time of day you posted. Each of these is a variable, and no matter how many variables you want to test, you need to test them one at a time.

How do you decide which to test first and which matters most? To begin, identify the content variables you might be able to test. These include:

  • Post type (video, photo, GIF, link, carousel or live post)
  • Visual style
  • Colors
  • Headline
  • Voice (your perspective, such as the first person or second person, as well as your distinct way of looking at your topic, such as humor or inspiration)

As you consider this list, think about which variables you actually have control over. For instance, if testing reveals your audience loves high-production videos but you don’t have the budget or capacity to produce them, what’s the point? Instead, begin by testing the variables that you have the most control to change easily. Voice and post copy are likely culprits.