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Using Creative to Drive Healthcare Marketing Results

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Chris Reinders


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The most creative healthcare marketing in the world can’t be considered successful if it doesn’t drive healthcare marketing results. By that we mean actual business results.

If you are not building your brand or activating patients and potential patients to take some desired action, then maybe you need to rethink your message or your creative approach.

And when we talk about healthcare business results, the more specific the better. Figure out what specific action you want the target audience to take and aim everything in that direction. Have a measurement mapping plan and a dashboard to measure everything.

When you’re creating new behavior

This is especially true when trying to get patients and prospective patients to access healthcare in a whole new way – appointments through an app or over the phone. And even more so when you are in a competitive healthcare market with aggressive competitors fighting for patients.

When Marshfield Clinic came to LSB to help launch their “Care My Way” virtual and phone visit program they were looking to drive a specific number of visits using the new service. The goal was clear, well defined, measurable and aggressive. The creative had to be captivating, the media plan had to be efficient and effective and the execution flawless.

Our media approach included a smart mix of hyper targeted, multi-channel execution across TV, Radio, Digital Video, Display, Paid Search & Paid Social combined to drive real engagement producing performance. The creative was winning healthcare marketing awards, acknowledging what we felt in out guts: that it was indeed captivating and delivering the right message.

But the proof? The proof was in the patient numbers. Patient calls/conversion exceeded the aggressive goals by more than 30 percent.

But that’s only part of the story.

In a market where the population isn’t growing, the only ways for a health system to grow are to steal share or get more patients through acquiring other health care providers. So when the numbers showed that more than 40 percent of the visitors/callers to new Care My Way offering from Marshfield Clinic had a primary care physician with another network or didn’t have one, we knew that our marketing effort was driving growth for Marshfield.

Need to demonstrate better healthcare marketing results?

In a time where healthcare organizations are innovating in the ways they allow patients to access the system, it’s critical that they use their marketing to help patients understand the new offerings. If you’re struggling with this at your system, reach out. We’d be happy to help.

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