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Getting your Target to Spend More

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Amy Rohn

"A messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind."

Many experts agree that while the economy may have bottomed out it’s going to take a while for consumers to start spending again. Which makes the topic of LSB’s 20th annual Brandworks University (May 24 – 26, mark your calendars now!) all the more compelling and timely.

The 2010 Brandworks will focus on getting folks to open their wallets and spend more using the latest insights and techniques from behavioral economics and consumer psychology.

This is how Marhsa Lindsay sums it up, “In an effort to get their target to spend again and again, many marketers see computer-enhanced statistical analyses and predictive modeling as their “˜Holy Grail.’ Others argue that consumers are better persuaded with new insights from behavioral economics and social psychology; recent discoveries on the cognitive and emotional factors that drive decision making. Which approach produces better ROI? Why must you master both?  How are some of the smartest marketers marrying the two approaches? And how are they best applied given that technology has now made the promise of one-to-one marketing real?”  For additional detail, check out our Brandworks 2010 Web page.

We’d love your feedback. What do you think of the topic? Will you attend? Any speakers you’d like to suggest on this platform? We’re all ears.

Oh, and detailed program information including speaker line-up and registration information will be available later this fall.