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15 Years of Calling the Shots (Tequila and Otherwise)

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Faith Williams 15 year anniversary

Faith Williams started working at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs 15 years ago. And she still shows up—in fact, she still brings her A-game.

Now, before you ask us, let’s just get this on the table: We asked what her skincare regimen is, and she won’t tell. Talk about aging gracefully …

But since Faith demurred from talking about herself on this very special LSB-nniversary, we decided to ask a few of the people who’ve been around for as long as she has.

Her folks named her “Faith.”  It was prescient. Every staffer and client who’s ever worked with her at LSB has found that their faith in her work was well placed. (Faith is incredibly conscientious, detail oriented, and gracious.) And we all have faith that whenever some fun is needed, she’ll just “get the party started.”

Marsha Lindsay, chair + chief strategist

Faith is one of the most passionate people I know in this business. I never worry about her production standards and actually remember a few times when she went to the mat to keep the bar high when both budget and client were challenging.

Plus, when I need to step up my tequila game, Faith is my No. 1 trainer.

Faith has this thing about “birds” –a little birdie told me this or that kinda thing. For someone who can suffer from tunnel vision, I find this a valuable nudge to widen my view when something needs my attention. She always does it in a polite “thought you might want to know” sort of manner. And she always signs her note, “Magpie.” See what I told you about birds?

Phil Ouellette, chief executive officer

The minute Faith walked into LSB 15 years ago I slept better at night and had more fun too. Faith can produce anything beautifully on any timeline. If you are lucky you will see Faith do her happy producer dance. I am blessed to have Faith as my producer partner.

Julie Herfel, director of creative operations

We love you Faith! Happy 15 years!


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