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Do You have a Back-Up Plan for Success?

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Amy Rohn

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What’s your back up plan? Not a back-up plan for when everything goes South, but a back-up plan for success?

We heard this question on a recent road trip the LSB PR team recently took to Green Bay to hear Peter Shankman speak at a meeting.  If you don’t know of Peter, his background is in PR and he has become a social media expert and entrepreneur. He is a compelling speaker with a smart common-sense approach to social media and marketing and I recommend that you go hear him speak if you get the opportunity.

I was struck by many of the things that Peter said, but none more than his admonition to have a back-up plan for success.

Are your prepared for success?

What if your campaign goes viral?  What if that prospect finally calls”¦you know the one.  The one you’ve been waiting for.  The game-changer.  What if a really really big media outlet picks-up your new product?  Are you prepared?  What is your back-up plan for when these things happen?

Peter’s advice was especially resonant given an experience we recently had at LSB.  If you read this blog or know anything about us, you know we are specialists in jumpstarting brands.  Brands that are new to the world and those that are stalled.  So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we had the opportunity to learn about a newish brand that was faced with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Will your server crash?  Will your supplies last?

They were weeks away from a game-changing media hit.  A big one.  A “they-don’t-get-any-bigger-than-this” type of placement.  It was an opportunity any CPG brand would kill for.  But for this company it could also prove to be an opportunity wasted.  They weren’t prepared for success.  How could they possibly leverage this opportunity if the end-user experience was sub-optimal?  They needed product, the website was not prepared for an influx of traffic and the list goes on.  I don’t know if this company was able to scramble and get their ducks in a row, we ultimately didn’t end up working with them.

On a separate front, a print ad campaign that LSB launched last year for our client, Saris, makers of CycleOps bicycle trainers led to a 400 percent increase in web traffic to their site.  If they weren’t prepared for success, that could have brought down their server and lost them potential customers.  Fortunately they were prepared for success and were able to translate their success into a banner year for company sales.

The lesson learned is a good one.

In this world where things change in the blink of an eye, where a PR hit, or a celebrity endorsement or a chance YouTube video can change your fortunes overnight, it is critical that you have your next move mapped out.  If you don’t, you not only lose momentum and opportunity but you lose potential sales, customers, advocates and profits.

So, what about your brand?  Do you have a back-up plan in place for success?  Do you have a story about opportunity lost or leveraged?  We’d love to hear it.

Amy Rohn

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