#6: Knowing how to break, create and leverage habit for a brand’s advantage. The fact that 95 percent of human behavior operates on habit surprises many. Yet smarter innovations, greater revenues and many efficiencies can be found in understanding the power of habit in people’s lives. Conversely, executives ignorant on habit inadvertently train people to buy less of their product, or buy it only on discount, or have impotent switching strategies. They basically put themselves at a huge performance disadvantage.

#7: Knowing the four marketing communications strategies proven to build brand equity. Proven by big data sets in just the past few years, the four will drive preference, sales, margin and predictable revenue streams. This is critical since data reveals that marketers expecting brand equity to result from the cumulative effect of one volume-driving campaign after another will find themselves wrong.

These seven are among eleven competencies our research has uncovered. Anyone taking a deep dive into all competencies in aggregate will find a holistic formula to increase the odds of coming up with, launching, communicating and scaling disruptive innovations in sustainable and profitable ways.  They may also find how they disrupt the conventional wisdom long believed to be true. Will you be among the leaders who quickly seek to learn them before your rivals? Or will you be among those who balk at the thought of having to master something so new at this point in their career?

Ironically, never has playing it safe been risker.

This article originally appeared on Forbes.com