Great branded content: The common question and its simple answer

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Great Branded Content: The Common Question and its Simple Answer

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Amy Rohn

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Like any advertising agency, we have pieces of work we love to show off. We’ll put it in a new business pitch, share with friends and family or existing clients, and feature it in awards submissions. Any chance we get to share it we will – because it’s a piece of content we’re all really proud of.

Great branded content starts with a great story.

For Lindsay, Stone & Briggs some of that branded content is a video series our content studio did in partnership with our Briggs & Stratton client. The series is meant to highlight people accomplishing great things with the help of outdoor power equipment. The series supports the brand’s You.Powered. positioning.

The video we always show tells the powerful story of a college student named Rodney. I won’t belabor the story here, you should just watch the video, but trust me, it’s compelling, emotional and inspiring.

Amy Rohn

"A messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind."

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