About Us

Hi, we're LSB.

We’re a small, agile, award-winning marketing agency with offices in Madison and Minneapolis.

We are: MBAs who love to play. Art school freaks who are also tech geeks. We’re curious. We’re disciplined. And we’re passionate about what we do.

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"LÜM plays in two of the most competitive industries, music and tech. LSB has helped us navigate those waters seamlessly. They understood our company, target market, and brand from the get-go, allowing us to launch our product meaningfully across multiple channels."

Jake Fergus, Chief Marketing Officer, LÜM
  • Brand Strategy

    Brand strategy isn't something we do from time to time, it's one of the cornerstones of our business. We've been helping brands define themselves for decades. We can help you find your true north.

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  • Creative + Content

    Traditional creative. Digital creative. It doesn’t matter. What matters to us is this: What’s the job the creative needs to do? Make an emotional connection. Motivate. Accelerate your brand. We’ll do that.

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  • Media + PR + Analytics

    Social media, media relations, media planning and buying, data analysis, optimization … all part of a day’s work. We’ll figure out the places you need to be and make sure you’re making the most of every channel.

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