The brave new world demands talent.

Voila! We have talent.

We’re a magic combination of B-school strategists, big agency veterans, digital natives, designers and analysts. We’re taking the agency model and tearing it apart. In the bargain we created a place that spawns beautiful ideas. Ideas that get noticed. And people actually like to work because the process is lithe. We did this because we believe that great talent is attracted to great ideas – and so are smart clients.

Interested in joining us? Check out our Careers page.

  • Amy Rohn


    “A messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind.”

  • Betsy Schuette


    Loves to travel, afraid to fly over large bodies of water

  • Bill Winchester


    Has actually won a bagpiping contest

  • Boone Sesvold


    Could host his own home DIY show

  • Camille Sanzi


    Guacamole is not an “extra”

  • Chris Reinders

    Account Management

    Committed to bringing back cufflinks as a necessary accessory

  • Eleanor Pierce


    Can’t do a literal cartwheel, but great at a figurative one

  • Emily Gerber

    Account Management

    Once forgot how to ride a bike

  • Emily Poklar

    Account Management

    Strictly observes a daily 2-hour online shopping regimen

  • Jake Miller


    “Active voice is hot.”

  • Jane Mutch

    Support Services

    “Don’t mess with me or my staff and all will be right in the world.”

  • Julie Herfel


    Queen of the dinner party

  • Kelly Gutt


    Will put on her dancing shoes anytime, anywhere

  • Kim Kelley


    Still not sure what to make of these weirdos

  • Leanne Johnson


    “To run or to bake, that is the question.”

  • Lindsay Ferris

    Account Management

    Can fix almost anything with a chopstick

  • Lisa Anderson

    Account Management

    Prepping her desk for world domination

  • Marsha Lindsay


    Our founder

  • Megan Henkel

    Account Management

    Fairly sure she’s a reincarnated mermaid

  • Nicole Etheridge


    Renowned expert on avoiding political ads

  • Phil Ouellette


    Back-alley fight club enthusiast.

  • Sam Li


    Will go anywhere, but not if he has to wear a hat

  • Shelley DauSchmidt

    Account Management

    An eye for detail, but a penchant for spilling coffee

  • Todd LaBeau


    Quotes John Hughes movies 3x a day

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