Is Influence Overrated in Your Word of Mouth Campaigns?

With SXSW just having finished in Austin, TX now is a great time to see what kinds of trends might be emerging from this uber cool conference that has launched the likes of Twitter and Foursquare in the past few years. While there are lots of new shiny things to get excited about, one that caught my eye this past week was the growth and maturity of platforms designed to allow consumers to trade in their value as word of mouth agents for products or brands they purchase and enjoy. Leading the way in this category is a start-up called[…..]

Marketing doesn’t end at the purchase

This is the season for long-term thinking. Finalizing marketing plans, getting budgets squared away, and looking at new strategic plans. Everybody is looking forward to moving ahead, increasing sales, improving on last year’s numbers as markets continue to improve. Odds are that most marketers are doing a great job of mapping out the strategy to get more people to consider a purchase. This recent study/article in the Harvard Business Review points out a major area of marketing strategy that is getting left out of the discussion: Post-purchase marketing. We talked a little about having a back-up plan for success and[…..]

Evolving from CMO to CDO

A survey of CMOs from top brands (recently conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies) finds them compelled to completely transform themselves into Chief Digital Officers. This is to be expected. With digitization, marketing’s 4P’s have converged just as culture, commerce and communications have converged. To survive, every brand must become a media platform and all brands are in the business of e-commerce – either to sell or gather data comparable to what their competitors have. This reality is making CMOs very nervous. Most don’t feel expert enough to leverage digitization to drive or measure results at a time they desperately[…..]