Brandworks 2011

On the heels of Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ 20th annual Brandworks University, we are pleased to announce the topic for the 2011 Brandworks, (May 24-25th, 2011): “Media Mix and Agency Match” The conference will address include: How to develop a media mix strategy now that touchpoints have exploded? Since media mix can drive agency mix, how does a marketer determine, align and integrate what is now an explosion of service providers? What does it really take to achieve ‘integration” of media, agencies and brand strategy? Is it even possible or realistic? What are the best and most realistic ways a[…..]

Tips for Conversational Success

Brandworks University® 2009 In this 4th installment of summaries of LSB’s Brandworks University 2009, we introduce Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell, formerly of Forrester Research.  Li offers tips and strategies for leveraging and measuring the conversation economy to jumpstart results in your organization. AR Profile of the Conversationalists Success Strategies for Tapping into Conversations and Transforming Your Company’s Marketing Charlene Li, Co-author, Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies If you think social networking media like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube are all about the technology, you’re asking the wrong kind of question, says Charlene Li who co-authored of the best[…..]

How to Inspire Customers to Jumpstart Conversations on Your Behalf

Brandworks University® 2009 In the second in a series of blog posts recapping presentations from LSB’s Brandworks University 2009, we review how Nike’s Global Director of Brand Connections, Stefan Olander is jumpstarting conversations with brand fanatics worldwide. AR How to Inspire Customers to Jumpstart Conversations on Your Behalf Make no mistake. Stefan Olander, Nike’s Global Director, Brand Connections, loves the Nike brand and thinks the shoes are marvels of technology. But even he admits that “In the past, the product was the end point of the customer experience, now it is just the beginning.” Thanks to social networking media, Nike[…..]

Evolving from CMO to CDO

A survey of CMOs from top brands (recently conducted by the American Association of Advertising Agencies) finds them compelled to completely transform themselves into Chief Digital Officers. This is to be expected. With digitization, marketing’s 4P’s have converged just as culture, commerce and communications have converged. To survive, every brand must become a media platform and all brands are in the business of e-commerce – either to sell or gather data comparable to what their competitors have. This reality is making CMOs very nervous. Most don’t feel expert enough to leverage digitization to drive or measure results at a time they desperately[…..]