When he faced the giant with nothing but a sling and a stone David revealed a truth: Small and scrappy beats big and lumbering every time. This is especially true when jumpstarting brands.

A lean team of b-school strategists, artists and digital natives start with the business problem. With that in the center of the table, everything is aimed at the goal. Market share? Sales? Distribution? Yes, yes and yes.

Nothing exasperates us more than a communications answer that doesn’t move your business. Nothing makes us happier than results that make your competitors break out in flop-sweat. That takes banishing bureaucracy and bloated process and replacing it with a decide-and-go mentality.

That’s why we’ve traded corner offices and meetings about meetings for gallons of coffee and pure talent.

We’re small and scrappy because being nimble is what it’s going to take to win. And we like to win.

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  • No knock on New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Austin or Portland. Seriously, those cities all have agencies we admire. But when you look at the similarities you find cities that each have unique cultures that contribute to their work. Madison has been called 30 square miles surrounded by reality.
  • We agree and we believe that the cultural vibe and energy of Madison contributes to our unique outlook and is an alluring place for people, especially creative thinkers, to live. Which helps us attract those people, people who could work anywhere but have chosen a place where they have a more centered life.

Come and visit us to see for yourself. You might not want to leave.